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    I have been asked lately how six sigma works and have been doing a lot of research, but I can’t find a real answer to this question. I understand that DMAIC is a method and that six sigma is a statistic measurement device producing less than 3.4 defects per million chances.
    But how does it work?



    CB, Good evening!There is a good section of this site that pertains to “New to Six Sigma” (in the red section, on the left-hand site of this page). It may help you with your question.
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    CB, if you want a very thorough explanation (and a presentation you can use to show others as well) go to eBooks on this site and purchase the LSS Executive Intro. It explains a great deal about LSS and how it is used and what impact to expect.


    Adam L Bowden

    Hello CB,You can look up all the statistical stuff you like but it is not going
    to answer your question.Six Sigma, Lean etc etc basically either formalizes, optimizes or
    radically improves processes to improve business performance.Leadership wants it faster, better and lower cost. Lean and Six
    Sigma provides the methodology and tools to achieve it. There is
    typically an 8 to 1 ROI and you really need to raise your level of
    understanding up to the strategic level to gain approval to proceed
    before diving deep, tactically, into the weeds of statistics.Hope this helps,Adam
    (1) 720 938 0321

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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