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    prabhakar mudgal

    hello to all experts,
    sir i want to know about how the concept of six sigma is useful in the construction field and how we can implement it?it would be very kind of you if you please briefly describe its importance and implementation in the field of construction management..
    thanking you
    prabhakar mudgal



    The methodology and philosophy are applicable anywhere where an improvement to a process (either ad-hoc, or established) is desired.
    Whether you are pouring a cup of coffee, or building homes, a process is a process.


    Edward Caldeira

    It is hard to think about six sigma when most construction companies operate at less than one sigma.Still, six sigma principles apply in full.  We just have further to go in construction … and more opportunity for improvement than in any other industry.Ed Caldeira



    I worked construction for amny years and eventually got my black belt and worked with a qualiry group. 
    The most notable improvement opportunity was generally waste ( defect )……  There is always additional moneys wasted on projects.  This ends up being additional handeling and excess inventory.  That is,  if you get the job.  Adding additonal $$$$ to a job increases the likelyhood that someone leaber will be the bid winner……. 



    The areas of applicability could be reduce your customer defects in terms of effort spent on rework. For example how many times a construction of an house changes based on customer’s comments. Also monitoring the effort and cost spent on those changes would be a classic example for six sigma.
    But my suggestion would be apply lean which can reap out good results in eliminating non value added activities.


    Robert S

    Potential areas for improvement:
     – errors on estimates or bids
    – inventory mismanagement delaying schedule
    – improper inspection scheduling
    – challenges of change order processing
    – timing & accuracy of subs bids
    – inaccurate & untimely invoicing
    – improper documentation for construction draw
    – inaccurate payroll info for hourly workers
    This list could get very long. The point is, which hb made, – everything you do in your business is a process and it is likely they are not error free. So start at the beginning… write a Problem Statement, write an Objective Statement… follow DMAIC.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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