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    With today’s technology and changing environment of computing, resources for information processing has taken on a new meaning and dimension. Almost all computer installations are now “linked” to the Internet. Invariably such links has caused concern for many companies.We are now looking at the upgrade of computer system at World Colleges. This educational institution is a traditionalist in information privacy, security and the application of new technologies. You are now a member of this powerful team to turn the computing resources and scope into the modern arena.1.Discuss how you would approach the upgrading, detailing the need for business re-engineering, if any, what the process would entail.2. What hardware requisition would give the kind of environment that the institution has always operated on and blending into the new technology age.3. What software is necessary to ensure that they can operate in this secured environment.4. Discuss how the institution may set up, it’s facility for the students to embrace a conducive learning environment, taking into consideration that their services is now poised to embrace the internet fully.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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