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    Hello all – I am looking at TPM for our mainteneance department and have been reading many books, articles etc. I am not in the manufacturing industry and have difficulty in relating our electronic equipment OEE to the manufacturing processes.
    For example, how will one calculate the OEE of a coin acceptor or note validator or information display for a vending machine since there is no production involved ?
    Am I on the right track to even think that TPM is applicable to this kind of maintenance? Your advice and input is highly appreciated.
    Thank you



    Hi Rob
    OEE is a percentage derived by multiplication of the three ratios for the factors -availability , performance & quality rate.
    OEE = Availability X performance rate X quality rate.
    OEE can be calculated for any equipment which generates some output not necessarily a product. however you will have to define the performance rate and quality rate according to the output that the machine is supposed to produce.
    Take the example of note validator. if the machine is expected to take 4 secs to validate the note but is taking 5 sec then your performance rate is 80 %.
    Similarly assume that if  out of 100 notes that the machine has validated, it has validated 95 notes correctly , then the quality rate is 95%.
    If it was available for only 4 hrs out of 8 hrs that it was expected to be available then the availability is 50%.
    so the OEE = .8 X .95 X.5 = .38 or 38%.



    Thank you for the repsonse.
    I do understand this but the confusing thing is the performance. In real world situation it is possible to obtain data, say for a week,  on quality and availability, but not on the performance (time taken to validate a note).
    Could the OEE be used reliably with a constant value for performance (example: average accept time based on sampled data)
    I appologise if the questions seem silly, but I would like to clearly understand the application of the priciples for ticky equipment variables.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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