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    We need to compare to systems that measure flow, one uses water and one uses air. We have a set of fixed orifices and some fixed pressure values and have flow rates from each. Unfortunately the values are different so we can’t compare means. We have done One way ANOVA on the flow values but are struggling to understand what we need to compare from the results. We understand the water values but air is new to us, so how do we decide whether the air result are comparable. Also have we used the correct analysis. Both systems pass MSA at >30% btw.


    Leon Ortega

    Since there are two different system my recommendation will be treat them separately and study them like new measurement systems.
    If you try to compare both systems in the results perhaps you can try to see if there is a correlation between both data points.
    Doing a characterization of the Air measurement (different adjustments, valves position etc.) system will get you the possibility to understand the equipment assuming the samples are trustful
    I hope helps



    @rass – you say you need to compare two different systems that measure flow (air and water) but you don’t indicate what exactly the measure is that you are comparing. As Robert Butler indicated, flow rate is a certain qty over time, and since it would appear that you are controlling the flow, then it must be time that you are measuring – is this correct?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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