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    i m the student of MIT  and this is our assignment to know the process of CMM certification.Kindly help me in this regard


    Alejandro Sanchez

    Hello Zainub, I actually have the same concern, if you come across finding the answer please let me know. Thanks



    There are two types of CMM / CMMI (CMMI is replacing CMM) certification that you may be referring to. The first is a SEI (Carnegie Mellon) Certificate in CMMI. Certificates are awarded after you attend a prearranged series of continuing education courses and serve to recognize your successful completion of an educational process. You can find more information at have SCAMPI appraisals, however, these appraisals do not certify. Appraisals are done by certified appraisers to determine if the company is meeting all the requirements of a particular level. They can provide Maturity or Capability Levels which indicate the applicable goals of CMMI models are satisfied. You can find additional information at



    CMM is a quality framework which helps organizations to increase their Process maturity levels. To achieve CMM or CMMi you need to follow few generic steps

    1. Gap analysis: First of all you need to perform a gap analysis of your current quality system against CMM Framework
     2. Identify the gaps and corresponding solutions to close the gaps
    3. Form Software Engineering Process Groups, Software quality Assurance Group and working groups
    4. Based on the Identified gaps and high level solution SEPG would create or redefine the QMS to close the gaps
    5. The working group will pilot the Redefined or Created process. The Feedback will be shared with the SEPG Group.
    6. The feedback will be evaluated by the SEPG group and if necessary the QMS will be redefined.
    7. Finally SEPG will rollout the QMS through SQA Group
    8. Training Programs and Process implementation will start
    9. Continous assessments will be done internally by SEPG and SQA Group
    10. Finally a Lead assessor along with Appraisal Team members ( Selected from the Organization) will be formed. This team will evaluate the Organization and will announce the CMM Maturity Status.
    Hope this helps you



    Hi. iam working as Sr Product tester in smal company..will certification for six sigma will be useful for & why..pls guide me with details


    Don Strayer

    The Software Engineering Institute certifies individuals as appraisers, trainers, or process improvement professionals.  For information about these certifications visit the SEI website at
    In regard to usefulness, you will learn a great deal that will help you do a better job and benefit your employer.  If your current employer doesn’t appreciate that, someone else will.
    CMMI covers a very broad range of practices.  If you are more interested in becoming a better software testing and software quality specialist consider CSTP (Certified Software Test Professional), CSTE (Certified Software Tester) or CSQE (Certified Software Quality Engineer) instead.

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