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    curious george

    I am trying to put together a team to address potential process failures and the risks to our customer’s satisfaction. We have attacked fires after they erupt and then assure our customers that we will ‘take care of the problem right away’. As the BB my intention is to prevent the errors. However, the very people critical to the team, Customer Service rep’s are too busy to sit in a team meeting or participate via e-mail. Ironicaly, I am the first person who receives a call from my boss when a Customer complains. And the first question from my boss, “What are we doing to address this issue?” How do I motivate people to participate??



    Your problem is common problem faced by many BBs in Service industries. I have faced similar problems before and infact facing even now.
    I feel the best Motivation in this world comes through “Money” (Rewards & Recognition). If its possible implement some reward system or some kind of incentives to encourage your team to actively participate in implementing any Kaizen Idea.
    A continous and fixed policy is always a better solution rather than having some temp. rewarding as over a period of time the sustainabilty will not be there.
    I feel a good incentive policy with respect to Less Complaints will not only reduce the customer complaints but also encourage your team to participate in your Kaizen Journey.
    Thanks & Regards



    being from service industry have dealt with this
    try using following which helps bring in the culture
    – align KRA’s with customer impact
    – define measurables to get the voice of customer. number of complaints, call quality, customer survey etc are scattered data, bring it together. Calculate if possible price of non conformance. example complaints calls result in repeat calls and customer churn (get data on it)
    – once these are all converted into financial buy in is more
    – initiate process improvement champions within departments, they are those who are trained on basic stuff like FMEA and root cause analysis etc. this helps
    – R&R of course but make sure its on long term sustenance else it becomes a short term motivation
    – rope in HoD’s or managers and above through projects, even if one closes rest follows
    for further help feel free to get in touch

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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