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    How can you make your specimen processors produce more work, when  most of the orders are hand written by physicians or patient sites, and have to be assigned codes before it can be processed.



    You could set quotas then the first processor to not reach the quota is beaten in front of the others. Then maybe they would produce more.
    Perhaps another approach may work better but with the info you’ve provided that’s about all I can come up with.



    Good question! 
    Define your problem or issue with a little more specifics
    Measure how your processors are working today
    Analyze your information for things causing you problems
    Improve those things that are at issue
    Control the improvement through beatings and humiliation on failure (OK, I stole this one from Brandon)
     . . .Wow, I bet I could package and sell a thought process like this!


    Michael Mead

    One way might be to separate the labeling process from the testing process.  Use another person to do the data entry and then simply track your specimens through the system with a barcode label.
    If you don’t lose any traceability, this division of labor should improve efficiency.



    We have pushed the label production to those areas taking the samples so things arrive with the correct labels & bar codes. This works only if you don’t have too many people suppliers but it has seen a reduction in handling time from 5 to 1 minute a sample.
    I’ve also noticed that this is also happening at our local doctors as well so it can be done on a larger scale but this is also the NHS so profits aren’t at the top of their agenda



    Set expectations, hold daily communications meetings, establish
    metrics, reward people when they do a good job and hold others
    accountable when not meeting expectations.


    Bill Fowlkes

    Where is the bottleneck in you process?  From your question it seems clear that the constraint is in the ordering process not the speciman processing.  Please do a process map and identify the true problem to work on.
    It is a common error to pick the problem to solve before doing a holistic analysis to indentify the best impreoment opportunity.



    Is there a way you could pay a piece rate?  That is, pay some acceptable rate per unit completed (subject to some quality process to ensure that productivity is not achieved at the cost of quality).  Nothing like a direct incentive for productivity to drive waste out of the process. 
    Of course, there are a variety of waste-identification tools one could use here as well.  A simple place to start would simply be to follow a unit through the process and watch for where it stops (i.e. waits for the next step) and see what you can do to keep the flow.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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