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    Dear sir,

    Let me allow to introduce myself as G.Surendran presently working in a biopharmaceuticals as a quality control microbiologist in chennai,india.I recently completed six sigma Green belt course in chennai,and i want to initiate sixsigma project in my organisation.I need some idea’s to initiate the project and were i have to start.It will be helpful for me if i got some idea’s.




    This is the same which ever business your company is in. What is it your customers want/complain about, what do the people in the lab/managers want to change and what are the most common errors your QA/QC groups find.

    Working in similar buisness I find that the QA department is a good point to start in finding out where the issues in the company are. They will deal both with auditing you and also in managing audits from clients and regulatory authorities.

    Also if your asking these questions I would go back to your trainer and ask for some of the money back as this is basic stuff and should have been covered in your course.




    I thought as a part of your GB course , they would have taught how a SS program is implemented in a company ! What else did they teach you ? :ohmy:



    Hi Surendran,
    first question: do you have a Six Sigma organization at your company : like a steering committee, BBs etc?
    If the answer is yes, then you should talk to them. if the answer is no, then I would try to find a Champion inside the organization. Someone did send you to the training, right? Who else, preferably higher on the company food – chain has an interest in Six Sigma? If you can find that person or those persons then they will help you finding a project that is relevant for the company.

    If getting trained was your personal initiative, then you have a wholly different situation.


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