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    Dear all,

    I have some issues in a Green Belt project I’m currently working on. We’re doing a LSS project aimed at reducing the cycle time of the underwriting process. This is currently 22 days and we would like to reduce that by 10 days. We created a list with potential influence factors, validated the x-factors and now I am about to perform some non-parametric test.

    Thing I struggle with however is how to use the MSA. I assume that in the process different measurements are used by different underwriters and so MSA could be beneficial to decrease process variance. Underwriter do use however the same measurement methods for measuring the Y (cycle time). I think that it’s the difference in their working methods which cause potential delays. But is this now something which is should address in the measure phase or lateron in the analyse (by saying : x(working method) has influence on (y)

    Someone with the knowledge to help me out?

    Dear Regards,




    @henkverstraten – Henk: You first must come up with a consistent Y definition. You can do this with the sponsor or process owner. There may be more than one Y, but not more than one definition of what Y is and how it is measured.
    Your MSA, then, will help to determine if you are capable of measuring the Y to an acceptable level to discern changes, or make decisions. In your case, it sounds like you will be working either on a time based Y (cycle time reduction) and/or on an accuracy based Y (do the various employees come up with the same answers when presented with the same data, and do they agree with the “expert”).
    If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest creating a process map with timeline. This will help to identify who does what differently, where bottlenecks are, where the re-work cycles are happenning, and where there are queues that are non-value adding.


    Kuldeep Tanwar

    @henkverstraten – Hi Henk , I will also suggest you to do Process Mapping with time line by identifying Value added & non value added activity. First target should be to remove the non value added activity.
    Afterwards you have target the value added activities, automation to make zero the loading unloading time, poke yoke- for making mistake proof, better tools to reduce machining time, better fixtures to combine different processes & by clubbing two processes to reduce cycle time. MSA can be done during these activities like during the use of better tools to reduce machining time.
    Hope it will help.

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