How to Validate New Equipment

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    I got this question in an interview and would like to know the correct answer. Question is how to validate a new equipment installed in the assembly line?
    I do have following questions pertaining to this topic.
    1)Whether the validation is same for equipment replaced in place of existing equipment as well as for completely new process.
    2)Is there certain amount of samples required to run the process capability. If so, how many?
    3)If the process capability is done for completely new process, how to confirm that the process is stable and can be used for production?


    Chris Seider

    #3 are basic SPC questions and measure phase questions. Basically, I-MR or Xbar-R/S charts PROBABLY are your answers along with run charts.

    Always good to ask, however.



    #1 should be obvious. Depends on whether the new equipment performs exactly the same function. #2 If you search you can find guidance and formulas at this site and elsewhere for calculating sample size. You can also find calculators that may save you from doing the math. Basically it depends on population size (production volume), known or estimated standard deviation of the population, and your desired level of confidence. None of us can tell you what sample size you need without these data. And once you have the data you can easily do it yourself.


    Chris and Strayer, thanks much for your feedback.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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