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Topic Can You Document Processes with Lean Six Sigma?

Can You Document Processes with Lean Six Sigma?

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    Dear comunity,

    In the company I work, we are starting the process to write down all the company process, some people want to use the ISO 9001 methodology, but I would like to know if there is a way to do this with the lean six sigma methodology. I am a certifed Six Sigma Black Belt, but from my knowlege this can only be used to improve process already wrote down.

    I appreciate all the help you can give me.

    Best regards,

    Karla Astudillo

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    @kaac87 – and from where did you receive your “certification?” You might want to ask for your money back.

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    Why insted of criticizing you dont offer an idea? I thought this forum was to help and give ideas, not just to criticize and feel better than others.

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    There’s more than one person on this forum who have a buzz-kill approach to most everything.

    Regarding your question, ISO’s the way to go, but the LSS people can absolutely contribute to documenting processes. You’ll also understand how things are supposed to work and find opportunities to Lean out the non-value-added process steps.

    Good luck.

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    just think of your strategy….

    why put into a ISO9001 format if the company isn’t trying to get the external certification…

    Those tasked with documenting processes shouldn’t be trying to improve or change those processes on their own. If they see gross differences in execution or grossly unworking processes alert the process owners but don’t take on the task of fixing while documenting or you run the risk of people throwing up their hands and say the documented processes don’t match what they do or other noise.

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    You could do many things outside of ISO.

    The first question to ask is how much detail do you need. You stated you needed to ‘write down’ all the processes. Is this an identification project, a mapping project or a value stream or process interaction exercise.

    You need to also ask What is the end goal? Documenting processes and placing them on a shelf is totally non productive. If you document anything you should also then be using them to fix or enhance. In my past career we paid a consultant for 4 months to document in great detail ‘all’ of our processes. Only one department utilized and kept them current, so in six months all the work was already obsolete except the one area.

    Not knowing the scope and detail needed the following are some approaches that might work:

    Create value stream maps showing the interaction within processes across your business. If you are just documenting, and nothing exists currently, these can help you focus on opportunities to dive into later for more detail.

    Create a simple process map for each. In most projects this is a good starting point if you have a specific start and end. In most projects this is a necessary step.

    Create detailed process maps including metrics/data, time and effort. Start with current state and just get down what happens now. Work on future state and improvement once complete.

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    @kaac87 I will give my thoughts on this and if @dean6294 thinks it is a buzz kill I could care less. You need to remember you came on line asking for help. If you are sensitive and open yourself up to this then that is your issue.

    ISO is not a methodology it is a Quality System Standard. You can begin by reading it. It is short and you will find it has very few hard and fast requirements although it is frequently construed to be the cause of all good and evil in the universe.

    Six Sigma is a thought process that has morphed into some long tool list requirements. It will help you solve a problem. Depending on who certifies you there is frequently a requirement for a final report. That would be documentation.

    I really can’t tell what your documentation process is supposed to accomplish. If it is going to be stored in some software system as a reference then the best place to understand what the documentation process requires would be the IT department.

    If you just want to create a document that tells you how to do projects and how to document then you might want to Google “Standard Work.”

    Just my opinion

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    @Mike-Carnell – been a busy afternoon. Good to see your comments.

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    @MBBinWI I just got back from Russia so I am a bit jet lagged. @Mike-Cyger and Katie do that news letter where it has most recent discussions. There is always like that one question that just spins you up and you have to write something. So when you are jet lagged and drinking coffee then answering questions just seems like the right thing to do.

    Then you read and see terms like “buzz Kill” and it gets worse. This DF is tame compared to what it has been in the past. You would think someone would put on their big boy pants when they ask something here because there is always that chance.

    Hope the work is going well. Consuelo said to say hello.

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    @Mike-Carnell – hi, back. Russia, I’m jealous. One place I’ve wanted to visit but haven’t had the opportunity. Work is good. Lots of challenges, but a team willing to learn.

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    @MBBinWI Russia is a very interesting place. The architecture is absolutely amazing. It is early to tell but there doesn’t appear to be much BS when you speak to people. Conversations are very direct which makes it perfect for you and me, Not sure how @cseider would fare in those conversations.

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    I just wouldn’t want harsh winters ;) I had enough in good ol’ Green Bay.

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    @cseider I checked the weather before left and it was snowing. I took heavy clothes. It was hot. I spent more time trying to figure out how to cool off. I am sure winter will be a different deal.

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    @cseider – are you disparaging my current home? Having grown up in Minnesota, the winter here is actually mild ;-}

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    Tony Groves
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    @kaac87 we have recently updated our ISO 9001 to the 2015 revision. Was perhaps a bit overkill they we we updated the management system, but we went through each function and re wrote their process and procedures (with them, not for them).

    We started with a simple a SIPOC to start with a high level view of whats required to make that process operate (Inputs from suppliers), and that gave us the buy in we needed to continue.

    These inputs then drove a process flow and with swim lanes identified we could highlight the main roles and responsibilities. We gathered each department into a room, and added post-it notes to a whiteboard to generate our process map, and also different colored notes denoted who did what.

    These process maps are now being used as a reference for tracking the status of work flow, based on weighted scores.

    In addition to this we also created a form of standard operating procedures, to ensure each person within the department was working in the same way (i.e handling the work flow in the same manner)

    Hope this helps!

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    found it…. hmmm, Green Bay weather is harsher than your SE portion but WI and MN and the whole upper Midwest have kinda cold winters! ;)

    Enjoy your weekend @MBBinWI

    @tgroves-exta loved the part about doing it with them

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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