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    Dear All

    My name is Allwin iam working for a fortune 500 company in their HR function (mainly HR operation Global) i think SIX SIGMA can be implemented here but not sure how and where to start…need expert advice……



    Hi Allwin
    I had the pleasure of being in your position a few years back at GE! I found the best starting point was establishing a ‘Gallery of Pain’ across HR – what were the day-2-day activities that never seemed to go right 1st time. Once we had the gallery completed I asked the team to prioritise which ‘pain’ they would like to tackle 1st, then held a session to map the process where the highest priority pain was felt. The process maps not only helped HR to reflect on how they went about their activities, but also established a shared need for change!
    After the process mapping session we scoped out a few small projects (you can’t eat the elephant called pain all in one go!) & I ran some high level, practical training sessions, so that they learned the 5 DMAIC steps just in time (in line with the project execution timeline), which went down really well. Once the projects started to reduce the ‘pain’ their commitment to Six Sigma was mobilised & they never looked back!
    Interestingly, since leaving GE & starting my lean six sigma & change consultancy I’ve continued to follow this pragmatic approach – it never fails to achieve great results (financial, behavioural & cultural)
    I hope this gives you some food for though
    Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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