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    hi,2 all
     list some hr topics for my MBA main project without fail pls


    Adam L Bowden

    Here is your “without Fail” …Project Title – HR Fails To Deliver Business ResultsNow look at the root cause for your project.Adam



    I believe a more interest topic will be “Talent Management”.  A lot of time HR is view as a supplementary function within the organization.  In this present society, it is a really a wrong preception.
    I personally saw individuals who are promoted simply because of “skin” colour and not ability.  I also seen many HR taking reference check very lightly.  And more interesting seeing many reference check forms which is so difficult to fill in, which has literately looks like a appraisal form to guide the new HR what to do next for the individual.
    Or you may choose to write about “what make a good HR person?”  That will certainly stir up a lot of comments.
    HR function is really to allow people to realise that they are the main asset of the organization and tapping this talents to bring the organization to a greater height.
    Without embracing this fundamental principle, all HR projects will be just any theory paper which cannot be put into use in the “real” world.
    Hope I am not confusing you.
    All the best for your thesis!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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