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    Adeniyi Idris

    Hi Folks,
    Before I proceed, I must commend the maturity of responses in this forum.
    Anyway, I need you guys to guide me with justifications how beneficial SSGB can be to ones career especially to someone like me that is doing it in order to raise my career status. Responding to this question based on below paradigm shall be appreciated
    1. Do I stand a chance of getting a good job after my SSGB exam?
    2. Since there is no certifying body for SS can I write my exam with any other institute other than ASQ so as to save some bulks ?
    3. If getting certified with ASQ has some special recognition, how can I get a waiver for the 3 yrs SS work experience requirement?. I am new to SS but had been working on several IT projects for a long time.



    Chris Seider

    Trust me….just getting trained isn’t enough. Application of the tools learned in training and getting certified is valuable.

    Don’t fall for my competitors that says you can get certified in a week for a BB…..the danger of no industry standards. I’m not on the lower end of the curve and I’d have a hard time believing I could have learned and applied what I INITIALLY learned in less than 4 weeks of training plus project work. This is my professional opinion, of course.

    The organization I work with will give a training certificate and give you full certification of a BB, GB, etc. AFTER demonstration with a project.


    Adeniyi Idris

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your input.
    I am writing ASQ CSSBG in June,can I get a full understanding of the course and project work within this duration using your company’s resources?
    Pls advise on how I can plan around 2 months to get a good grasp of SS.


    Chris Seider

    2 months is tough but check out and I have no financial ties or incentives with this fine site if you don’t go with ASQ.


    Kathryn McIver


    My two cents on your questions are:

    1.) Yes, SSGB is a recognized accomplishment and if not directly in process improvement, this certification will help you advance in any project based field.
    2.) As an investment, I would recommend spending the extra money for ASQ certification because of their involvement politically they are becoming the go-to resource for the government and we may see a trickle down effect.
    3.) At the green belt level the ASQ only asks that you have been working in one area of the body of knowledge for three years. Your actual resume will be reviewed and you can have a conversation with the ASQ about if your experience applies. I had been working as a project manager when I took my first exam.

    I hope this helps you decide your next move!




    @Kathryn McIver,
    Thanks for your input and I must say its worth more than a 2 cent to me :)
    In fact, you just hit on a point that is bothering my mind which is saying you are a PM as at your first SS exam. Pls guide on how best to manage as a PM and certified SS. Hope there is not going to be conflicts between both careers.
    My plan is to boost my PM career with SS. How feasible is this? Or will i need to drop one for the other?


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