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    I currently hold a BS in Business Administration/MIS and work in the IT field.  Although I have an aptitude for IT systems related work, my true passion lies in process improvement, six sigma, organizational psychology…etc.  One of my previous employers was a six sigma company, and I gained over two years experience using six sigma techniques. 
    Recently, I have decided to switch back to the quality field, but have noticed that most job descriptions in this arena require an engineering degree or related technical degree.  Although I don’t formally hold an engineering degree, I have an extensive math (thru Differential Equations) and science background, so the technical aptitude is there. 
    To help facilitate this move into the quality field, I have been considering getting my MS in Statistics, or an MBA with a concentration in stats.  As a short term alternative, I have also considered getting my ASQ Quality Manager certification and/or an accelerated one year MS in Quality Management/Six Sigma from a local university. 
    Could you reply back with any suggestions you may have?


    Kim Niles

    Dear Marcus: 
    Follow your heart.  Degrees are used to get you in the door and should always be pursued as possible but any company worth working for will see your energy and enthusiasm for Quality, and so will hire you. 
    I’ve been going to CSUDH over the internet to get a MS in Quality Science.  It’s a good option for me as it’s easy to fit into my busy schedule.  See
    Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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