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    Harshada More

    Hello Everyone,

    Iam MBA Student from University of Gloucestershire, working on my thesis and my research topic is Identify Six sigma and investigating barriers that affect implementing Six Sigma in Manufacturing Industries, I request you all to help me getting answers of following questions:

    1. Why implement Six Sigma?
    2. Why and how Six Sigma tools affect and important in management?
    3. Why six sigma projects often fail?
    4. What is the failure rate of implementing six sigma in manufacturing companies?
    5. What are the key criticisms of six sigma?
    6. What are certain limitations in the six sigma program?
    7. What are the barriers in implementing Six Sigma in manufacturing industries?
    8. How can these barriers be overcome in the future?

    Thank you,
    Harshada More


    Katie Barry

    @Harshada99 The readers of iSixSigma are not here to do your work for you. Try using our search functionality. We have 20 years of content that should help you answer your questions.


    Neha Singh

    Implementing six sigma in your business process can benefit you by saving time and cost throughout the delivery process. It also helps in understanding customer expectations and meeting their end requirements. Identify the importance of waste removal and watch your business grow towards success. Hire employees that hold six sigma certification or introduce the concept to them.



    Per Katie, there’s a wealth of searchable information on this site. Do your research. We’d be glad to answer and discuss specific questions. That said, I can give you some food for thought on your #5 (criticisms) as a fairly early adopter (late 1990’s) when a number of big companies latched on to six sigma as the next big thing and some even trained nearly salaried employee and said things like “six sigma is the way we run our business” and “we’ve saved billions of dollars.” Critics said this would end up being another management fad and it too would pass. The hype passed, but six sigma remains for the simple reason that it works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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