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    Hi all
    I am a Snr Statistician for a phar. company and am interested in a strategy for implementing 6-sigma throughout the organisation.
    Firstly i need to get a good grip.understanding of 6-sigma and am thinking of becoming accrediated as a Black Belt.
    Does anyone have a plan-of-attack (i.e., strategy) of implementating  6-sigma in an organisation.
    Is there a general recommended framework?
    Comments/suggestions are most welcome.
    Kind regards



    I tried to paste a matrix in here for you but it did not stick.  Give me your email address and I will send you a generic project plan.
    Helper  [email protected]



    Dear Vince,
    To answer your question in just one word, I would say “Yes”.
    Six-Sigma is a philosophy that needs constant effort to make it work. It is like driving on highway where you can not afford to relax for even one moment. Entire organization needs to understand why to move to six-sigma and what are the advantage it is going to drive in the org.
    General recommendation is to start the brand-building and making people aware about the reasons and likely benefits to the people in the organization. Remember, any change is going to bring in a lot of resistance that your management has to overcome. I used to be part of six-sigma team while I was working with General Electric and now I am trying to implement the same in IBM where I work currently.
    You will have to understand the diversity of different sections of your organization. There would be some investment in terms of tools and technology and in the training. But if Six-Sigma is not implemented in true sense, it may prove to be disastrous.
    So you got the message – start with reasoning and brand building, training-retraining, implementation of a pilot project in one section of your org, frequent audit and then making it a habitual way of work.
    Caution: Implementation of Six-Sigma tests your patience to the limits. You can not afford to relax.
    I am sure you will have a lot of doubts about the question you asked, but you are free to ask me in the forum.
    All the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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