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    Has anybody ever realised a substantial improvement in measurables purely by initiating a project and focussing in on a problem, before any control mechanisms have been implemented?????



    What you’re referring to is the halo effect. It occurs whenever you start a process that involves people. You being by measuring the process and realize that the data isnt as bad as you were told it was — the people are working much smarter, faster, etc.

    The point is you can’t accept that improvement as a process improvement because as soon as you leave, the process reverts back to the old way of accomplishment. You really need to focus in on the root cause of the problems and understand the processes.

    So, either take data without the process knowing or take data over a long enough period that they can’t continue to modify the process!

    Either way, good luck. Be sure to isolate your vital few.




    Most likely it goes back to the classic Western Electric Hawthorne Study on Lighting in the 30’s. Things that receive attention (good or bad) tend to improve.

    Assuming of course that the improvement is significant.

    Would point to improved management processes. The new level is the process entitlement level and just needs to be managed to that. The downside is that it may be a sprint and work in genral is a marathon.




    Agree; It’s amazing what happens when people realize someones paying attention to their work beyond immediate supervisors/line leaders.

    The key however is to instill a mindset (particularly with the Process Owners/Champions) that it is their responsibility to see that improvements remain in place long-term.




    That’s a great thought, but one that is not very easy
    to instill. It is nearly impossible to cause a short
    term effect to last forever. When the only
    improvements you make are those related to
    personnel and training, you are not likely to receive
    as large a long term benefit from the process. This
    is because you rely heavily on procedures and
    training to accomplish the improvement. While this
    can in itself help a process, it is the process itself
    that should be modified to elicit the largest
    improvement for productivity, the business, the
    customers receiving the product and the

    Don’t rely on an employee improvement alone
    when recording your benefits of your six sigma
    project. Employees will know it’s a cop-out and
    you’ll be the one that suffers in the end. Qualify your
    opportunities and defects. Look for the root causes
    of defects. Eliminate variation. Everyone will win in
    the end. There is no easy way.




    Nope, looks like you should go back to square one and re-evaluate. ;->

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