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    I am running a series of improvement workshops that will each last a few days.   
    Do you have any ideas that will help get them in the right frame of mind to think outside the box?   
    I’m looking for something interactive that will last anywhere from five minutes up to one hour.



    Simulation game that relates to the current process where audience works at, seem to always work.
    Yet; not sure if it can be done effectively within 1 hour max.
    Normally, you need to run few rounds for them to understand the frame of mind you want to set for them which would take approx 3 hours.
    Just my one cent opinion.  Good luck finding one!


    Six Sigma Tom

    I’ve found Deming’s red bead demonstration to be a great kickoff. I recommend using real red and white beads, not a computer simulation. The more you ham it up, the better. Here’s a link I found that offers some props. I don’t know anything about this outfit so I can’t vouch for them. Maybe someone else can.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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