Improving cable and wire harness assembly Process

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    Ok so right now I am trying to figure out a way to improve our current defects that we have found. But before anything here is the 411 about our company.Info:
    We are in the high/low volume Cable and wire harness industry, but for the most part we assembly in low quantities. The variation is quite big and yes I have thought about having separate families for parts that share the same equipment or basic process. To start off the process a person puts all the material needed to complete the job in a bucket and this includes previously cut wire(by a wire cutter dedicated worker), connectors, and labels. Once a worker is free they receive this bucket (aka new job). They assemble the whole job themselves; the job can range from assembling 1 part or assembling 400 parts. We do 100% Inspection because if we get 1 or 2 defective parts in an order then the whole batch is a failure according to the customers. We have 3 different stages of Inspection. The first Inspection is during our production, they inspect items that most likely we will not be able to inspect further down the process. The second inspection is testing inspection, here we test the wires to see if the cable is functioning. The final inspection is where we check the specs for physical attributes such as length, labels, loose wires, etc. I have done a Pareto Chart for all the defects found in each of the inspection stages. The Work In Process Inspection has a bunch of defects due to crimping. The Testing Inspection area has miswiring and labels as the majority of the defects. The final inspection’s main defects are labels and pin connections. Any suggestions on my next step or previous solutions you have done at your company to solve high/low mix volume assembly batching process?



    From the sounds of it and without personally observing your
    process, you have a hands on error issue that would be occurring
    no matter how you grouped the work. Lets just focus on the three major defects you mentioned below.
    First question is whether the defects occur during peak times, on
    certain shifts, or it really does not matter because it happens
    everywhere and all the time?Are you using wire boards and not tying off the bundles until
    verified?What is the lighting in your facility?Point is that you need to do an observation at the worker level,
    look at the tools being used and how they are being used, and just
    fix your issues first before you worry about changing how and what
    you batch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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