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    Mike Carnell

    I just read 2 messages asking about individual certification. I don’t want to appear negative about this but there are some issues with trying to launch an individual SS program in a company that has not selected it as a company initiative. As far as a learning experience it never hurts to do learn something new (within reason).
    The methodology is just a problem solving methodology. Anyone can learn it and anyone can apply it. A computer (lap top preferably) and decent software enhances it (it reduces your opportunity for error over hand calculations and makes more efficent use of your time).
    If you are doing this on your own with out the company engaging it and you decide to announce it like your are the new savior for the company you may polarize the people you work with. You are much better off to do it and just be percieved as doing your job well (the assumption is you can do it well).
    AS an idividual the support structure that should be around you in terms of project selection, barrier removal, implementation may or may not be there. You will need some of your own corporate and interpersonal skills to execute as an individual.
    The success model which we used at Allied and GE included not only project work but also site support to assist in the application. If you do some reading on adult learning models, you will see that the studies indicate that you will only progress so far without the actual application (the model I was introduced to – you move through 2 out of 7 levels).
    If you make this an academic exercise you will probably be wasting time and money.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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