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    Anshul Rawal

    Hello Everyone.

    I ahve recently joined Travel Industry which is not into Six Sigma Practices. They have hired me to improve one of there business to see how six sigma works.

    I have started up with one project and simultaniously, i want to creat Kaizein Committee where everyone can share their ideas of improvement and after proper analysing the ideas we can implement the same in our system.

    How to start up with this thing? Any suggestions?


    Shelby Jarvis


    Launching a LSS program has many steps. A few quick thoughts.

    1) You should find a Sr. Leader who is willing to be your sponsor. This person should be able to help with your credibility as you work with various functions
    2) As you work with your sponsor, you should link this work to strategic purposes. This will create a guiding principle to your program.

    With the guiding principle and proper sponsorship, you can begin making your deployment model. Many potential models exist. Please consider your guiding principle, your culture (company and regional), and resource availability. Then begin to define your deployment plan.

    Although you may find a need for a Kaizen Committee, I would not start in this manner. Firstly, this is pushing a solution. You should work with your sponsor to clearly define “what” you will accomplish. Then you can define “how” you will accomplish it. Secondly, you may be introducing terms to people who do not understand the meaning. This can lead to poor engagement as the words will feel empty.

    I hope this helps. If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me.


    Mike Carnell

    @Anshul Rawal You are way ahead of quite few deployments that have such enlightened guidance that their launch plan is “train a bunch of people and do projects.” I think I am consistent with Shelby in that there is no set plan on how to do it. I used to love watching all the “benchmarking” teams that came through GE in 1996. How many companies had a GE culture? So they were going to copy the GE plan and then wonder why it doesn’t work.

    Not sure why you would call something a Kaizen Committee. How about a steering committee. That is what it is. Personally I think they are valuable particularly when you have project ideas submitted to them and they do the selection but as Shelby says that is a solution.

    Any one who tells you they have a step by step launch process is pretty much delusional. This is something you need to have what we call a design team who helps you think through what makes sense for your organization.

    If you want some help you can contact me at [email protected]

    Just my opinion.



    First start with small hanging fruits.. ensure that all are aware of the tools. Celebrate success through small savings and achievements.. then launch six sigma looking at bigger yields.
    Awareness and belief is more important.


    Anthony Henzel

    It would be best to find a leader or stakeholder who will provide oversight and support in your endeavor. Also, start out with one issue identified by your organization as needing improvement or focus due to some ongoing issue or strategy problem. As you start to work on this issue, use it as a tool to show others what Six Sigma is and what benefits it brings to the organization. Conduct your study and brief your findings and results. At that point, move on to bring more people from your organization into the fold as you enhance and build the Six Sigma culture into your organization. Once you are there for a minimum of six months, start selecting a few others to lead small projects while you provide direction and oversight toward the end goal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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