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    Randi Rosenberg

    I’m interested to hear from anyone who has a number of different quality initiatives in place, and are trying to integrate them to achieve even better outcomes/performance/efficiencies.

    Please let me know if this is something you’re doing currently, or are thinking of doing!


    william wang

    For your information:
    AlliedSignal (Now Honeywell) put almost everything under Six Sigma (now Six Sigma Plus) which includes:
    Six Sigma,ABM, Lean manufacturing,Malcolm Baldrige,TPM etc. Besides Black Belt they have ABM master and lean master etc.


    Ullman Garrett

    We have combined 5 quality initiatives including Six Sigma, ISO and others into a Presidential Quality Management System, and used ISO as the underlying structure. We selected desired features of each initiative, mapped them to the new ISO 9000:2000 standards and produced a “Quality Manual” including requirements of ISO 9000:2000 and the additional features we wanted. Interesting that we didn’t have to add much! This new manual will now have internal audits, corrective action, management review, and 3rd party audits built in. (All requirements of ISO 9000)Most sites are already registered to ISO but all will have to adapt to the 2000 revisions and our additions.
    A word of caution, adding to the Quality Policy Manual insures compliance or lost of certification. Build consensus on what you add and have top management support (especially for the additions). We have our company president’s support and the Vice President of Manufacturing as well. (He asked the question, “Why can’t I have ONE book?)



    You could integrate all your quality iniciatives using the MBA categories as references.
    I am sure every iniciative will match in any category.


    Bob Peterson


    Our company is in the process of restructuring under a “Continuous Improvement” umbrella, including Six Sigma, Lean, TQM, Etc. In your 10/8/00 reply on the subject topic you refer to “ABM”, a term which is unfamiliar to me. Would you please give me a short description for ABM, and point me in the direction of informational sources.

    Thanks, BP




    It stands for Activity Based Management, which is basically understanding costs of activities and products.

    Try this link for a better explanation –


    Grant Blair

    What a fantastic idea!!!!
    Any chance you could provide some more info,
    such as a short list mapped against the eight quallity principles of ISO9000:2000?
    Not trying to steal the store…(any more than any other quality guy, that is )..back channel will also be o.k.

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