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    Bruce Weinberg

    There is some possibility that the Healthcare organization (hospitals) that I work for is going to be implementing Six Sigma and I’m interested in becoming a Black Belt, if we indeed go this route.
    I’m interested in any thoughts about what I can do to prepare myself to be in the best position for selection as a Black Belt.  I’ve positioned myself well based on my past performance, respect in the organization, and having regular direct contact with senior leadership.  What else can I do?  Should I read any particular books, seek out my own training, or what specific advice can anyone offer?
    Thank you in advance for any guidance.



    Not knowing your level of understanding I can make some basic recommendations…
    First, a course in college level statistics would definately come in handy.  Second, a book like “What is Six Sigma” by Peter Pande would be helpful for the Six Sigma 101 version.  If you have some knowledge already, there are on line resources that you could benefit from.  BMG has on line training that you can use fairly inexpensively and you can get started before deployment in your organization.



    Start letting people in your organization know that your interested in becoming a BB and why. Being on the top of their minds as they begin to plan the process will help you out more than anything else.
    Secondly, network with anyone you know in a hospital or medical environment that is implementing Six Sigma. Pick their brains, talk about issues they are facing, have faced, etc.
    Thirdly, read as much as you can. I like the Rath & Strong Leadership book that just came out. Forest Breyfogle and Tomas Pyzdek also have very good (and comprehensive) books that you can find on the iSixSigma bookstore.
    Good luck! It’s a very exciting time.



    Hi Bruce,
    It has been almost 8 weeks sinc you posted your string.  How are things developing?  Did the hospital move forward with the effort yet?  Did the advice you recieved work?  I trust that you are on your way to becoming certified. 
    Please let me know if are in need of further assistance:  [email protected]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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