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    John Huskinson

    Good Afternoon All,

    A brief introduction :

    I have recently joined this site in hope to find the support and information I will need.

    I have worked in a Precision Engineering Business that specializes in aerospace for 20 years (Customers like Rolls Royce & Air Bus). The majority of the time has been based around cell inspection ref Quality. I moved into more of a Q.E role 2 years ago and have started my GB course last September to develop my skills.

    This drove me to apply for a C.I Leader role, to which I was successful and started the new role 2 months ago, so all is changing at the minute and I am on an exciting journey!

    I hope I can find support, as I am fairly new to this, I have gained over the last 10 years my N.V.Q LV 2 & 3 in Business Improvement and also N.V.Q LV 2 & 3 in Manufacturing Engineering.

    The Green Belt course I am on is challenging but so interesting, I am hoping I will gain the knowledge and be able to embed the culture at our business.




    Shelby Jarvis


    It’s great to see your excitement. If you have questions about the GB or CI Leader role, feel free to reach out.

    [email protected]


    Mike Carnell

    @Huskoman Welcome to the site. There are many resources available to you here. There is frequently a strong correlation between the value of the information you get and how much you do before you ask the question.

    Good luck.


    Michael Cyger

    Welcome, John!


    Chris Seider

    Welcome. It’s always good to get different experiences and perspectives.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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