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    Hi All,
    Can some experienced person in SS suggest what do I need to do next?
    I am a SSBB trained professional. I have done and been doing some projects as a leader. However, I have a experience of associate level. Because of lack of Experience, I cannot apply in any MNC as a SSBB.
    Now, I am going to apply for ASQ SSBB certification in Mar 2010. Can someone explain if this certification will be worthy enough for me to get a SSBB job or to get a profile similar to Quality Manager looking at the kind of Experience that I have or Shall I have to just wait which I dont want to?



    ASQ Cert is not enough. You have to be ready to demonstrate:1) tool/methodology proficiency2)bottom line results – improvement in cost/quality/delivery3) demonstrate effective leadership and change management/agency.



    Agreed. And oddly enough I have completed about 17 projects in the workplace as well as completed a 6 month project during my master of science program at my college. I was the PM and had to go out and get my own client and do everything from A to Z of the project. The SPMP and SRS and all documentation. It was a tought 6 month class. I had one person on my team. Only two of us. Lots and lots of late late nights after work and I am in PA and he is located in MO. So long distance was another obstacle. But we completed the project with bells and whistles. So I personally have the experience just no certification that state I have the experience. My masters does state the project mgmnt information but still it isn’t a certificate. It reminds me of my bro-in-law who has massive experience in MCSE but no certification. He said one day he will get it. Amazing how certifications seem more valuable than degrees in this day and age. I am bugging my boss for Green Belt training.



    Thanks for Replying and I completely agree with you. However I can see in lots of JDs that they need
    professional with 2 to 3 years of Experience as BB.
    Now, I do have the Experience of handling the
    projects but not on papers and without a ‘Paper
    Experience’, how will I be able to demonstrate my
    tool knowledge, Change management skills etc when I
    cannot even apply for that profile in that company?RegardsJai

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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