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    As an enterprise / business architect, I have been working on building solutions for clients from an architectural perspective for many years, but in a former career in a FMCG, received training in green belt. At the time, I remember it was very data intensive and I struggled to see how it could be used as a consulting methodology to solve IT problems. Forward 10 years into the future and things look different. Lean Six Sigma is maturing and there is a stronger focus on value streams and optimising and reducing waste.
    There are many posts on how to use Lean Six Sigma in IT, but not that much on IT, with the occasional defect containment, etc. With the popularisation of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Lean Product Development, is it possible to bake the Lean Six Sigma toolset with the IT4IT (OpenGroup) on how to run IT like a business?

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