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    One message said that he finished greenbelt training. And he did a project by helping out Girl Scout, obviously he does not work in Girl scout.
    So the question is, how important is it that a person who is doing a SS project to have a direct “job knowledge” that related to their SS project? I guess it depends… if the SS project was about something complicate as improving some sort of supply chain, then you might need knowledge about supply chain. Where, if the SS project is about layers of telephone call menu that customer has to go through, then perhaps you only need common sense general knowledge??
    Hope it makes sense.



    For 25 years I have heard over and over again than “my process is different.”  While all processes have their querks, they all still have the same model – INPUT –> PROCESS –> OUTPUT.
    Numbers and data are still the same they have been “forever.”  While knowledge of the “job” has importance, it does not have to be a requirement for the project leader (in my opinion) as long as his skill set is significant enough to “dig deep” and find root cause and significant metrics/measurements.  In fact, in a lot of cases, job knowledge (or at least “too much”) can be a hinderance.
    Again, just my opinion and experience.


    John J. McDonough

    I tend to agree with RubberDude.  It is a lot more important for the Black Belt to have experience and knowledge of the Six Sigma tools, processes and techniques than knowledge of the project’s subject area.
    Certainly the project needs to include some GB’s and/or SME’s that understand the domain, but the BB should stay focused on turning the crank on the SS process, and it can be helpful if his objectivity isn’t colored by what he thinks he knows about the subject.
    However, Six Sigma is also about change management.  Depending on the situation, a Black Belt who is well respected by the process owner and those affected by the project could make the change management task easier.  This is likely to be someone who is close to the process and perceived as being knowledgable.
    Every project is different, and the history of the Black Belt is just one of those differences, so the BB’s domain knowledge will influence the project.  But the project’s success will be more dependent on the BB’s Six Sigma skills, rather than those in the subject area.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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