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    My name is Karen. I am labeled a displaced worker and thus sent back to school by the state department of education and training. Being a studious person who already had a degree completed in 1996 they state thought it was fine for me to take my first college class after 3 decades as a junior and let me start with 300 level courses.

    So far I have taken Interpersonal Comm Skills which was fairly easy since I have been a Toastmaster Area Governor and possess my silver designations if they are still called silver.  I also took a mandatory Research, Writing Info Liter which who knew there were so many ways to write a paper. APA 7 as of 2/6/2020, right? which leads us to spring 2020 and Inferential Statistics.

    So I will be hoping to get an A in this course and asking some really bizzare and simplistic questions thus my username PlsKISS

    Please Keep it Super Simple,




    Michael Cyger

    Great username, @PlsKISS! Welcome to iSixSigma. It’s a great, caring community here. And hopefully we have some information that will help you on your journey. :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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