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    Dan Light

    What can I say to a boss that has asked me to justify time off to attend Six Sigma training?



    Hi there,
    May I suggest to you online training? Email me at and I will fill you in on what we are doing here, that is very cost-effective.



    And the reason you want to attend SS training is what????  What’s in it for the boss?  Can you use the training to improve something at work or are you doing it for fun and personal reasons?  Is this the best use of your time and the money your boss is paying you?  Is your company currently engaged in a SS effort?  Does your boss even know what SS is?



    As you are likely not familiar with the dynamics here, Darth is among the most knowledgeable and helpful contributors here, even if he does need a brief Dale Carnegie course after his next Star Wars movie collects its quarter billion dollars and moves to VHS.
    Your’s is a overly general question and the only answer that makes sense is ‘it depends.’
    Come back with much greater detail and clarity, and maybe you’ll get the advice that you’re looking for.


    Mike Carnell

    I am going to be a little more contrarian than the others. Your boss may understand Six Sigma very well. That person may also understand the value of a deployment versus a person running around with one walkie talkie.
    What you may be being asked to respond to is “You are going to be the only one running around the company that has a clue what you are talking about. How do you plan to create value for the person/company that paid the bill to enhance your resume? Since you will be completely missing any top down support how are you going to compensate for that? Where are you going to pick up the knowledge that comes from being in the middle of a deployment as opposed to being the guy yelling in the canyon? Since you think this Jousting with windmills thing is an intelligent strategy, how do you plan to maintain the stamina it will take to singlr handedly change the organization?”
    Without a deployment around you Black Belt training will have a marginal and random effect on the organization. The probability of the training serving the company half as well as it serves your resume is low.
    Just my opinion.
    Good luck


    David B.

    I have just been asked to justify a leansixsigma course as well. I have registered with the hopes of learning tools to cut the fat out of processes, learn metrics to measure processes better, learn how to manage the changes in monitoring and execution processes (think compliance/ SA/QA). The sixsigma course would top off my PMP requirements, and of course, hopefully add a nice bullet to my resume.
    I have seen this questions asked before, but the only responses I see are fluff! Can anyone give greater than broad examples of how it would benefit a large company’s internal processes?
    For example, if I was responsible for training a company’s 130 representatives for risk management and general HR yearly breifings: I would want to develop processes to get everyone trained, monitor their progress, hold 5 annual conferences and then develop annual as well as quarterly progress reports in a manner which would allow me to: measure costs of procedures in dollars, a way to cut these costs, a way to troubleshoot, etc. There are plenty of six sigma bb’s and mbb’s in the company but not in our specific corporate office.
    Can someone tell me specifically how six sigma would help in the example above? I am preparing a one page justification/information memo on this.
    Thank you!


    Adam L Bowden

    Mike as usual makes some excellent points.
    If you are to train, drive business results, then get certified – in a
    business that accepts Six Sigma you should forecast somewhere
    between 200 and 800% ROI.
    I would suggest though that you at least engage one of the
    seasoned consultants on this forum to assist in the selection of
    appropriate projects and Leadership engagement.Regards,Adam


    P Gupta

    Adam is right … but I can give you 6000% ROI if you use my services.  There is no limit to what other might claim but I can deliver.


    Adam L Bowden

    WOW – that’s a pretty gutsy 6000% ROI without understanding the
    business, opportunities or culture – how do you achieve this – I’d love
    to learn.Adam

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