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    I have a scenario that (I think) is somewhat unique. At least it is new to me. It concerns the number of kanban cards needed in the following process:

    I have a production line that is fed from an internal supplier. The production line packages pellets. The pellets cannot be packaged for 12 hours after they are produced by the internal supplier. If the pellets are not packaged within 19 hours they are considered scrap – cannot be recycled.
    The production line packages 1 bag of pellets every 2 hours (12 each day). The bags each weigh 350 lbs. The 350 lb. bags can be supplied by the internal supplier at a rate of 1 bag every 2.5 hours.
    Right now we have 12 queues set up at the production line and have constant issues with expiration.

    Anyone have experience with a similar process? Any advice on determining the number of kanbans for this process.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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