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    Why doesn’t the disatisfier curve ever reach zero on customer satisfaction, regardless of performance increase?
    For example, if brakes on a car are taken for granted, then absence or failure of brakes causes extreme disatisfaction. But surely, properly functioning breaks can cause no disatisfaction whatsoever and must therefore reach at least zero on customer satisfaction. In this cases, the curve hits zero.
    Can anyone explain, because my tutor hasn’t convinced me yet!
    Thanks, micawber.



    The brake example is a good illustration of a Must-Be… when you tap on the brakes, you are expecting motion to be slowed.  This is an unconscious expectation.  The only time you really notice the brakes are when you have less than functional performance – they squeak, or motion is not slowed to your expectations. Thus, you do reach the “zero point” only when the brakes are FULLY functional/present.  Anything less will create dissatisfaction.
    The Kano classification of attributes is a bit like horseshoes and hand grenades – most Kano analyses achieve this classification by asking a 2-part question: “How would you feel if the attribute is present/functional?” and “How would you feel if the attribute is not present/dysfunctional?”
    The Must-Be classification is assigned if (1) for the functional question, the respondent indicates it must be there, or it would not affect them, or they can tolerate it that way AND (2) for the dysfunctional question the respondent indicates that they cannot accept it that way. There have been some rather recent enhancements to the classification, namely the introduction of classification coefficients
    Of course, your brakes may have several attributes that you may want to classify that extend beyond just the stopping.  You could include noise, servicing, etc… You would not want to include all the attributes within just one question.



    Thank you for replying Sigmordial. I appreciate it.
    Cheers, micawber



    – you get the salary for the work that you do month on month, and you know the amount of the salary that you shall get in your account on the 1st /30th of the month, but still you check the salary slip and go through it once
    you call it human tendency of being insecure perhaps “YES”
    even in the brake example the satisfaction never reaches 100% since the functionality of the brake is not just to stop the car, it is to stop the car immediately at whatever speed to avoid accident, this additonal expectation as pointed out by my friend sigmordial makes some element of not 100% satified in it.
    thats perhaps the reason companies spend money to create the air brakes, electronic brakes and disc brakes etc etc etc and market it well to reduce this insecurity further thus making the line extremely close to 100% satisfaction
    hope this suffice

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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