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    Hi Everyone,
    I was reading a post and came across this quote from John Beaudoin: “The big hang-up that I am sure almost everyone finds with any company is the lack of IS Resources.  Programmers always seem to be working on big non-6 Sigma projects for upper management or Corporate ideas and thus do not have the resources or time to schedule in items to complete projects.  They do eventually, but they always seem to be the bottleneck in getting anything done.”
    Do others also feel (as I do) that your technology group is the bottleneck for most business improvements? I can’t seem to get on their already planned calendar, even though my project is important to my group. We’re a matrixed organization where IT reports into IT, not to my group…maybe that’s the problem? What are other companies (like Motorola, GE, Allied) doing to finish projects quickly that rely on IT to do programming?


    Mike Carnell

    We have always bottlenecked at the control phase in two places (maybe 3). IT is always a bottleneck. The other area is Maintenance (or Facilities) they are the ones who get hit for a lot of the hardware type changes.
    This is part of the concern over how much change a company can digest. You see a lot of these questions about how many people to train. That really isn’t the approporiate question. The appropriate question is how fast. Someone needs to have their hand on the throttle and be willing to slow down or shut down training when things bottleneck. If you want to kill any initiative, not just SS, don’t implement the solutions that you have made people justify and they saw management buy off on.
    There is a book out there called “Managing at the Speed of Change” that addresses these types of issues. The other thing is that if you have someone in HR that has been trained in OD they should be able to help.
    Good Luck.



    Hello Tim
    There seems to be a Gap in involvement of your Top managemement in Six Sigma. Ideally the projects need to have a Top down approach which is key to success of Six Sigma in an Organization. It looks like the Top management involve Programmers to acheive their results without using Six Sigma. It would be ideal to carry out their requirements using Six Sigma Methodology.It would be better to have Funneling of Projects in the year begenning( including  upper Management) to clearly identify the key Business parameter for the year. This funneling can be based on Past year hurt areas and Business plans for the coming year. The projects should flow down based on this top level Business areas requiring improvement. This will ensure top management to allocate IT resource appropriately.
    It would be of great help if you could involve the Programmers as team member in your project to avoid bottleneck. The project would be successful if they are driven by the functional team with support from IT rather than IT team driving Projects.
    I was working as e-biz Black belt in driving projects in GE where the Key learning  was to involve IT team right through the project for faster and efficient execution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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