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    I have been asked to develop a currulicum to enhance the leadership skills for BB’s and GB’s. What are the critical leadership skills you think are required when working through DMAIC projects? What are your organizations doing to develop leadership skills?


    Rajanga Sivakumar

    In my view the following broad categories are essential. Each one of these has several facets in which the development would be required.

    I) Providing Direction
    II) Being an Effective Leader
    III) Influencing others
    IV) Fostering Teamwork
    V) Motivating others
    VI) Coaching & Developing
    VII) Championing Change
    Hope this helps


    Tom Dunn

    Hi George,
    The three most critical leadership focuses should be on project time, project resources, and project cost.  I have been training BB and GB for 11 years and in my opinion,, for what ever that is worth,, a good black belt needs to manage his time.  Think three steps ahead.  Be organissed at team meetings.  Schedule experiments ahead of time to reduce waiting.  things like that.  They should always try to manage with small teams.  They are more productive to the team and the unused resources are able to cover other issues.  Lastly is managing project cost.  Do not over sample, brainstorm solutions rather than through money at it.  I ramble a bit,, hee hee.  Simply put ” They learn to lead in a way to minumize the time, resources, and cost of the project”. 
    Good luck George,
    Tom D



    I think you have to make a distinction between bb and gb when it comes to the leadership skillset required and a training curriculum.
    In addition to the pure project related skills (cost, time, resources), bb conduct much larger scale projects then gb; our bb also coach, mentor and train gb; they assist champions in promoting ss and in recognizing and defining projects; and are considered the disciples that spread the word throughout the organization.
    bb are often used as facilitators and trainors so communication skills are key.
    Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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