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    I’m writing a thesis about the combination of Six Sigma and Lean. Now I’m considering if the 5 Step Process (Value, Valuestream, Flow, Pull, Perfektion) of lean could be compared with the Six Sigma DMAIC Process.
    In my opinion, both are structured approaches to identify the root causes of a business problem (muda – variation) and find the optimal solution to avoid recurrence of the problem.
    What do you think of that? Could the 5 Step Process be compared with the DMAIC Process?
    Thank you very much for your help!


    Lean is dealing with “time and movement” of people, information, or product.  DMAIC is a problem solving methodology for fixing things, and the application of statistics to do that, than using SPC to assure a state of control. 
    They go together like bacon and eggs.  Ususlly you want to lean out a process and get all nonvalue added steps out before you optomize it.  Why optomize something that adds no value or, you shoulden’t be doing in the first place.


    Just my two cents but DMAIC can and should be applied to both Lean and 6 Sigma when you consider the charectoristics of the tools. You should select the right tool(s)  for the job at hand at each phase of DMAIC. Below I’ll point out each phase and put in some of the tools of both Lean and 6 Sigma to demonstrate
    Customer Survey,QFD,Project Charter
    Link to business plan
    Define business impact
    Hoshin Planning
    Project prioritization tool
    C&E Diagram
    Structured Brainstormin
    Primary and secondary metrics defined
    Multi level Pareto
    Data mining
    Revisit and develope focused problem statement
    Process map/FMEA
    Current State Value Stream Map
    Identify response variable(s)
    Data validation
    Cpk, DPMO, Sigma (Z)
    Gauge R&R
    Specification analysis
    Structured brainstorming
    5 Whys
    Fishbone diagrams
    Charectorize response
    Time Observations
    Spaghetti Diagrams
    Takt Time
    Future State Value Stream Map
    Percent Load chart
    Stats to identify variation
    Identify likely Xs
    5 S
    Model Optimal configuration
    Set Up reduction
    Material replenishment (Kanban)
    Level Loading
    Cellular manufacturing
    Visual Controls
    Reduce Variation, shift Mean
    Mistake Proof
    Tolerance the process
    Measure Final Capability
    Implement Process controls
    Document results
    Standard Work
    Cell Metrics implemented
    SPC on KPIVs
    Management of Change
    Value Stream Review
    Visual Controls
    If I were in your shoes and writing a thesis on Lean and Six Sigma I would write one on how both can be approached with DMAIC.


    I have noticed the tendancy in this forum to unleash on posts that have a technicality out of kilter so before you launch, please consider that I wrote that in a hurry. I fully realize the bulk of 6 Sigma tools are not stated. I said I would list some of each to demonstrate how DMAIC can be applied to both Lean & 6 Sigma. .If I inadvertently placed one in the wrong phase, see the first sentence above.


    “I said I would list some of each to demonstrate how DMAIC can be applied to both Lean & 6 Sigma. .If I inadvertently placed one in the wrong phase, see the first sentence above.”
    You have an extra period before the If in the second sentence.


    Dang speel chucker must be broke again….




    Where can we learn these tools like level loading, sphagetti chart, Takt Time ,Future State Value Stream,Percent Load chart etc


    Both Frank and DaveG let you know that a comparison doesn’t make any sense and I concur with their opinion. Why don’y you try something more creative and investigate why people seem to think they have to have various methodologies at odds with each other and why they are so adverse to putting out the effort to develop a balanced overall strategy.
    It could easily be way to controversial for a thesis but you may actually learn something rather than just check off a box.
    Good luck.


    If you read the book Lean Six Sigma , it will all come together. If you want to write a thesis about Lean Six Sigma , do not re-invent the wheel, to me this is a waste of time…. talking about lean !

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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