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    Jorge Q.

    Since a BB has been trained to manage Business Process projects I think we can participate in almost all lean activities:

    Change Management since “lean” is actually a cultural change
    Facilitating “kaizen” event in the factory taking advantage of our interpersonal skills gained in our BB training
    Leading the QA efforts within the mfg. cells. (poke-yoke type of things)
    Being part of the Suggestion Programe committee to ensure VOC is present.
    Being involved in the Value Stream Mapping to identify non-value added activities.
    Actually, BB are not necessary to be involved in breakthrough projects al the time but use our skills to champion short term projects related to kaizen events and in the employee suggestion program.


    Kim Niles

    Good point.  I just went through Lean / Flow training and so your post caught my eye.  Quality Digest / Tom Pyzdek has a related article at  you might want to review that lists the synergistic aspects you touch on.
    Perhaps we need to come up with a set of lean tools such as the 5S’s that Six Sigma Black Belts need to learn (see: BB Body of Knowledge at ).  

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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