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    I am woring for an organisation where the union agreement talks about xx number of components per day. Cycle time . Takt time and efficiency are no driving factors. Manpower and line side inventory levels are high as employees can idle out after filling line side inventory for the day.Can any one suggest me an approach which I should adopt to implement lean principles or Practices (5S standardized work, Data analysis, Built in quality etc  )



    First u try to change the attitude of employees . And try to introduce KAIZEN so this will give a improvement on continous basis like housekeeping (5S) , process inconsistency,cycle time, safety,physical strain.
    Take a good example and explain to them .Thing is employees ,top management should understand and feel to do this .u must explain him in such a way .Speciality of this is ur getting ideas from the persons from the respective area where they are working.
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    Not sure how manjunathan would suggest changing the attitude of workers, especially since your management and the union have set the precedence of XX units per day.  Not sure that can be done.  If it is in a union agreement that they stop sfter X units are complete, then you are relatively stuck.  Are you paying them for X hours of work and if they finish in X-Y, they still get paid for X?  Or are they getting paid based on the number of units?
    If the stoppage after X units is not in the contract, then I suggest you find additional work after the units are complete.  5S would be a good implementation.  I guarantee after about 2 weeks, you will see production start to level out over the work day, but your 5S might not get done as quickly.
    I was wondering if there were any industries left in the world that still used piece rate.  Owners must be old school.



    I suspect there is quite a bit that could be done here. Whilst the number of units per day/shift may not change there may be considerable benefits to driving Lean simplicity into the processes.
    If you have wastage from whatever source then driving this down would ensure every unit worked on was sold which would raise revenue per unit worked on. Reducing the time taken to produce the daily units and the workload to produce each unit may be mutually desirable. This may open a discussion with unions rather than just being ‘given away’ or it may be given as a sign of good trust or a mix.
    Achieveing these things can be driven by SMED, assuming that changeover is lengthy, and stock review/flow analysis combined with a ‘reduced cycle time’ aim to lock in the benefits. Implementing FRS to accentuate these benefits may also be a good idea. Kaizen in this context would then probably be more effective.



    Can I suggest you start with a visual factory (scoreboard). In my experience, over a time period of around a month, performance will improve just by measuring data and throughput. It will also highlight variations between crews, shifts, operators etc. 5S is also an important tool as this can been driven through safety initiatives. Good luck.

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