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    Hello all, I am working in a new site that will be brining on a new product. The site is new to any lean concepts and design by collaboration.  Has any one used the paper design in a workshop with an existing team of engineers, planners, and operations.  if anyone could provide experience how it was designed and how it worked for you,  that would be great.

    The main concept I want to try to move to is a non batched layout more visual pull factory. Especially since we are moving to a more demand production numbers that will lean toward large benefits.



    Chris Seider

    I’d highly recommend the beer exercise and other VERY basic lean concepts/training before having them do an exercise.  Also, do you have a champion for such production layout you are proposing?



    I would stress @cseider question about having a champion.  You’re the new guy telling people that they should change the way they’ve always done things.  Who are you to do that?  You don’t even know what we do or why we do it this way.  From experience I’d recommend that you have at least two champions:  Someone in executive management and someone who directly manages many of those in your workshop.  They should actively advocate what you’re proposing.  The exercise you choose is much less important provided that it illustrates the value and applicability of the concepts.   Also from experience, participatory exercises where people actually do things work better than paper.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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