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    I’m looking for a good exercise(s) to use as during  the Intro to Lean section of our 6 sigma training.  Any ideas?


    Depending on how experienced your team is, and if you get the old “We can produce parts just as quickly if we do it in batches” or similar comments, try this:
    Split the team into two, and issue both teams with 20 glass marbles. Then show them a process flow chart (including 100% inspection loops) and get the two teams to simulate production using the marbles as the manufactured product.
    Team ‘A’ operates one piece flow with in-process/in-cycle gauging, Team ‘B’ operates in the traditional manner (do all Op.10s, then inspect, then do all Op. 20, etc.)
    Guess which team completes production first and has a higher throughput? You can make it more interesting by throwing in random machine breakdowns and so on, but it will get the message across.
    Later you can also try introducing machine cycle times of different lengths for each machine, and illustrate the Standard Work Pattern, and how one operator can apparently do the work of three or four, and still do the gauging (but with gauging have one team with a ‘gauge bench’ and the other with gauging at the ‘workstation’)
    Maybe this is too simplistic for what you want to do – I don’t know.
    James A

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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