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    Could you please guide me how successful is LEAN in call centers and how can we implement it in the call center scenerios.
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    Hi.. My belief is that it works in service related industries as much as it works for manufacturing centered locations. Applying LEAN will work on service areas, as ultimately, these techniques focus on eliminating non value added wastes in a process and in this case, a service. The main aim is to offer the customer (interna;/external)a better output,product or service.




    Success is a function of the opportunity present and your execution.
    If you’re dealing with a call center where you have a lot of paging through screens, looping back through scripts, and asking the person on the other end to repeat something they’ve told you, you have opportunity.
    Define your desired outputs. What is truly customer-driven and what are really the few key things you need to do call center management.  Make sure you have appropriate metrics and that they’re good enough for your needs. Put your scripts into a visual format and measure time, rework, jumping forward and backward, etc. Do a time value map.
    Do you have specialist groups for rework activities? If so, it indicates a problem with your up front process. Tough to say more without knowing whether you’re doing inbound, outbound, sales, service, or what.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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