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    Hi guys
    I am a process analyst looking to do green and black belts.  I work in re-engineering back office processes.  I have a chance to do Six Sigma Green and Black belts, at a very good price.  Unfortuantely it is not Lean Sigma.  Should I still do it.  It will look good on my CV and help me to earn more.  SHould it matter if the green belts are Six Sigma or Lean Sigma?  Please advise?


    Omashi Sabachi

    Go Ahead
    Good Luck



    ???? Please clarify your post.


    Adam Bowden

    Lean Sigma namme is just marketing Hype. Six Sigma training/
    certification from a pedigree consultant/s along with demonstrated
    results is what Leadership or companies care about. Lean Sigma
    has “very watered down” Lean content – Lean is a hands on/learned
    skill – not just book smart. i.e BB training – 4 weeks, Lean expert
    training – 4 weeks – combine them together you get Lean Sigma –
    you make your mind up as to what get’s dropped / watered down.Regards,Adam


    Results vs. “Certificate”

    Adam, I think that we can agree that what companies care about is “results”. The certification in and by itself has little value unless you have a track record of accomplishments.  Also, I think that maybe we can even agree that certifications acquired within high-profile companies have a much higher market value than certifications from “certification mills” (Honestly, any resume that shows a certified Black Belt without back up of experience from a reputed company gets into the special drawing file under the desk). The essence of the whole learning experience is based on a combination of training and on-the-job, hands-on experience and coaching and mentoring. Both the application of six sigma principles and the application of lean principles require quite a bit of hands-on and shopfloor experience.What I have seen fall by the wayside over the past few years is the idea of the apprentice learning from an experienced MBB. As you point out, the shopfloor is where the learning occurs. The training is a means to an end. Unfortunately, there is an impression out there that the piece of paper that says “certification” is the end. Anyway, long story short, I fully agree with you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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