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    Harshal Nilakhe

    I am going to Initiate a Lean project in Investment accounting and reporting area.Doing this project for the first time hence need some suggestions on what to check and analyze and what should i do to ensure that project has good findings and process improvements



    I think the best place to begin would be to ask the customer for his pain areas in the process. If the pain areas are cycle-time, lead time, defects or waste in the process generally.. then Lean may be a good methodology to adopt.

    Start with drawing a Value Stream Map from Accounting to Reporting.. the entire ATR cycle including the areas that are being performed by other departments. Draw process maps at level 4 detail of each sub-process. Categorize activities into VA & NVA and then into the eight wastes and calculate Process Cycle Efficiency. You will have your improvement roadmap in front you..



    @harshal – Since this looks like a transactional process, I would take one specific form or customer activity and map it from end to end identifying queues, defect creation, hand-offs, approvals, etc. and quantifying times, queue levels, actual work per activity vs. wait times, whether the work is done in batches, serially, in parallel, etc. That should point out where you can take action to make improvements.

    Good luck.



    Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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