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Topic Is My BB Project Too Broad?

Is My BB Project Too Broad?

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    Hello Everyone!

    Im Ruben From Philippines, I already passed the final examination of LSBB by IASSC and now im doing my project. I proposed to my Facilitator (MBB) that my project is all about Yield Improvement (FTY). From baseline (88%) to Target/Goal (95%). Starting May 2017 to October 2017.

    The assembly im working has about 10 processes, my step to identifying the problems are:

    1.Conduct pareto analysis, when i have the data and already capture the vital few (top 3 defects)

    2.I already improved the Top 1 defect and currently im in 93% FTY, still not achieved the Goal. and started to improve the Top 2 defect and i reached 96% FTY (it was stabilize by 3 weeks and again decreased in 93%.)

    Im afraid that the project im working on is too broad.

    I will be grateful for any help/advise you can provide
    (Sorry for my bad english)

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    @rubennicolas – after only 1 bad week you are considering that your results have stabilized at 93%? I see 3 weeks prior that are above 96%. I don’t think that your process has stabilized yet. You may have had some of the improvements slide back to the old method. I think you really need to establish some controls and ensure that they are effective. Review your actions, ensure that they are still in place, monitor the process results while ensuring these are still in place. You may find that you have actually met your improvement goal but those who are carrying out the actions are reverting to old behaviors. Good luck.

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    @rubennicolas – also, in the last 4 weeks you seem to have an inverse relationship between input and yield. Perhaps at lower inputs the process is better able to convert, so as inputs go up the conversion (yield) goes down. Food for thought.

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    @MBBinWI – Thank you so much for your advice!

    but the way, i have a question, My main project is to increase the FTY, in this case i need to improve defectives occurring in this assembly. are those defectives may consider as small projects? i mean there are about 10 process producing defects and i need to stabilize the improvement of those so as to meet the target FTY. am i correct?

    Thank you Sir!!

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    @rubennicolas – depends on what you consider a “project.” At this point, you have already identified the issues, so Define isn’t needed. But essentially, yes, you attack each issue in order of potential results to be obtained. The biggest defect creator might not offer the best chance of reducing defects, so evaluate those you have identified for results of improvement and difficulty to improve. Choose the highest results with the lowest difficulty and proceed in order. Good luck.

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    Are you sure you’ve improved the process? I doubt it’s statistically proven yet.

    I am wondering (unless I’m misreading your chart), why are you not tracking the % defective for each defect IN ADDITION to the total % defective. This would tell you whether you’ve impacted one defect at all.

    My two cents will buy you a cup of tea or coffee.

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    @cseider Thank you sir for your advise ! :)

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    I think its too broad to set the yield as your target, u should consider defect type as your target instead. Your yield as your biggest Y can be monitored as a metric but your project should focus on your defect parameter. Normally we have a few projects to reduce a few types of defects that will result in improvement in your yield.

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    I think its not too broad to set the yield as a target, but i think that can work in more complicated projects ,in your case consider defect type as your target is suitable .


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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