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    I am looking for some hands on lean exercises that can be used to teach the benefits and pitfalls of lean manufacturing to all levels of our company.  It would be great if the simulation already addressed the impact of variation – if not I can change/modify the simulation to address these issues.
    I already use one simulation with poker chips and dice to show the effects of variation on simple push/pull systems.
    Can you share some other effective simulations?



    I don’t believe any of these specifically address variation, but I did find some very detailed explanations of some Lean simulations at
    I also would be interested in exercises dealing with load leveling of mixed products.
    Would you be willing to share directions for the one you refer to with the dice and poker chips?  Thanks!


    dan tegel

    I developed a lean/six sigma simulation several years ago to teach people the whole DMAIC process, as well new breakthrough tools.
    Basically, I used an order entry/customer quotation process from a large aerospace company and developed a simulation for people to practice the improvement process. Each individual is assigned a job in the order entry department (Pricing, Scheduling, Materials, Order Coordinator, QC, and Supervisor) and they learn the real jobs and process that was being implemented at this aerospace company. They run the simulation 2-4 times, which allow them to practice each part of the DMAIC and Breakthrough Methodology.
    Before they implement the methods, the process takes about 15-20 min/order, with an average 2-3 defects/order. Using the DMAIC methods they develop a defect free service and cut the time in half.
    After they implement DMAIC, we introduce the Breakthrough Tools, which allows them to cut the original time from 15 minutes to 15 seconds per order (defect free and less labor)! People are blown away, and it makes believers out of them, as well as teaches them the tools.
    If you wanted you could just teach variation reduction using the process. We cover a section on SPC, where they build control charts, and reduce the standard variation in the process.
    * Key Tools we teach with this simulation:
    1) Readiness Assessment, Customer Analysis, Improvement Statements, Process Measures, Process Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, Data Collection, Testing, Process Control, Value Analysis, Breakthrough Goals, Assumption Analysis, and Ideal Design.
    You could probably just focus on few tools if met your needs.
    If you would like to find out more about the simulation, please call me at 760-944-1610.
    Dan Tegel, Ph.D.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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