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    Steven Bonacorsi

    I am interested in hearing what others think about expanding the tool set of the DMAIC or DFSS methodologies to include tools often used in Software Development.
    For Example:
    Should we include a “Feature Prioritization List” in the Improve Phase / Control Phase Tool Set?
    How about Use Case Models or Data Flow Diagrams in Define/Measure Phase?
    Other tools/ideas?
    Thanks in advance,
    Steven Bonacorsi



    I think far too many people focus on Six Sigma tools, and overlook the underlying methodology and philosophies.
    Clearly, many tools regularly used in development have their place in a Six Sigma effort, and indeed, thinking about the objectives may well lead you to rely more heavily on tools that you may have used less frequently in the past.
    In software, capturing the customer’s needs is the thing we do most poorly, so while something like a “Feature Prioritization List” may be interesting, it is probably lighter weight than what is really needed.  If you don’t use something like a use case model or functional decomp, how are you going to ensure that your requirements flow down to the software artifacts?  But notice how they might be strengthened by following more traditional SS tools like QFD and the Pugh matrix.
    As mentioned in another thread, when we are doing improvement efforts, things like defect densities and escape rates are probably more useful, and certainly more relevant, than some more traditional SS metrics like DPMO and sigma level.
    Keep in mind that the Black Belt certificate doesn’t license you to check your common sense at the door.  Understand your objectives, certainly follow the process, but use whatever tools are at your disposal.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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