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    Hi !

    I am working in the pharma indutry as a Analytical Sciences Scientist in a commercial environment. I am mainly focused on the method lifecycle of analytical methods. I am not a QC lab manager in the stricter term but I oversee activities worldwide.

    I am a regular user of Six Sigma tools & statistics; and I have now the opportunity for formalize/certify through a Lean Green belt which I am eager to obtain. I however do really struggle finding a good relevant project that would add value to the company; and would go beyond my regular but punctual uses of SixSigma principle.

    Any advice/suggestion?

    Thanks !


    Katie Barry


    Here are my ideas:

    1.  Perform Gage R & R on the tests that are most difficult to pass.  You may be able to reduce the %Study Variation associated with the test method or see if training is warranted.

    2. Do a Lean project on lab efficiency.  This could include sample turn-around time, sample handling (do samples get lost or expire?).  Do you have the correct number of analysts and how much of their time is spent on value-added activities.

    3. Look at sampling methods.  Are you collecting the right number of samples at the right frequency (based on variation).

    You will probably have to collaborate with colleagues if these topics are outside of your area of responsibility.  You should be doing this anyway.



    I forgot one:

    4.  Set up SPC in the labs if not already doing this.  It should generate a wealth of opportunities.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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