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    Hi I’m relatively new to continuous improvement, but I got my Black Belt recently and now I want to apply my new skill sets, but recently I have been running into problems actually landing jobs. This may be because I’m still an undergrad, but does anyone have ideas?
    Much Appreciated.


    Andrew Parr

    You probably need to get a job and then demonstrate the skills associated with Black Belt standard. If you haven’t got a portfolio of Black Belt Projects you may struggle out in such a competitive world. Just my impression from an English perspective.



    Hope this helps…

    There are two components to Black Belt work.

    It sounds like you have the first part, classroom and formal training in DMAIC and how to apply it.

    Quick question on this…how many, if any, successful projects were required for certification? If you have examples make sure you are highlighting them. If not, I as a hiring manager would not consider you a fully ready black belt, thus perhaps some of your struggles.

    I have had the privilege of training, interviewing and hiring Black Belts. Experience and demonstrated success in project work always trumps the first part. I look more for this than the ‘book learning’.

    There are some things you can do to get the second part. If you are able, volunteer to run some projects for non-profits or others in your community.

    Find a company that has a strong program and look for a position that allows you to get in the door based on your education, yet offers opportunity to work with the DMAYC/Six Sigma teams.

    I was fortunate and worked my way from operations into Six Sigma, in most of the companies I have worked for or networked with promotion from within is valued and is how they fill process improvement roles.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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