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    Hi All

    We are currently trying to push/market lean six sigma in our market (to various/different sectors). Does anyone have a GENERIC proposal that could suffice for all sectors?




    I’m not surprised that no one has responded. Selling an LSS program to senior management if they don’t already know is likely to be futile unless you’re among them. And even then you need to develop a sound business case. Every business is different, although we’re all similar in many ways. I doubt that the generic template you’re looking for exists.

    What you can do is pilot an LSS project and use its successful results to sell the concept. You will need a sponsor who can commit your time and other resources. Find a pain-point within your span of control. Write a charter and sell the project to your sponsor. Then do it. You and your sponsor will be able to take this to senior management to sell the concept.


    Shelby Jarvis


    I notice you are trying to “push” LSS to a market/segment. You may be well beyond this, but I suggest identifying a true need which is currently going unmet. If you have the ability to add value to a team, you may find an inlet.

    This is related the @Straydog suggestion.

    Nothing sells change like demonstrated success.


    Norbert Feher

    Here are some quick ideas if I understand Your request properly:
    – Quote success rate improvement
    – Quotation preparation lead time reduction
    – Quotation faliure reduction (requote, wrong assumption, etc.)
    – Quote processing cost reduction
    – etc.

    Perhaps You could benchmark Your quotation process with Your competitors by asking for quotes via a 3rd party.

    Although the area is greyish from process improvement point but there are still some good potentials :-)

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