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    Shane Dixon

    I am looking to roll out a training program for the management team within the insurance industry, I am new to insurance and have never delivered training to management teams in this sector. my back ground is manufacturing and I have used lean six sigma tools & techniques however I have never developed a training package. Any help with this would be great.

    Thank you in advance.


    Mike Carnell

    @shanedixon What part of the insurance business do you believe is any different that what you have been doing? Pick a software company that has a stats package. Call them and ask for the package that has the tools for insurance companies.  Doesn’t exist because we all pretty much run stats around some observed vales and some expected values.

    Before you put a lot of effort into this try talking to some of the people in your audience and figure out what they want to know.



    My only experience with the insurance industry is as a customer.  From that perspective I’d say I’m dissatisfied.   It’s  difficult to understand the coverage and terms, premiums are expensive, you often have to fight when you have a claim, and what you get is often less than you expected.  You might start with voice of the customer, what they perceive as defects, and the business benefit of reducing those defects, not just efficiency for processing claims and reducing overhead expense.  To be successful your training program should focus more on the customer than on internals.  That’s true for any LSS initiative but it’s easy to overlook in service industries where there is no physical product, and arguably where it’s even more important.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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